Accuray Radiation Delivery Method for Lung Cancer Gains Favor

The Xsight Lung Tracking System, which is an element of the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System from Accuray, Incorporated, is continuing to gain favor as a treatment option for patients with lung cancer. Over thirty different facilities across the country are using the system, as described by the Respiratory Report.

The organization that manufactures the system notes that almost half of the facilities that have the CyberKnife system are utilizing the Xsight program to treat patients with lung cancer. This is the only available system which can noninvasively track the position of lung cancers during treatment and adjust as the tumor location changes secondary to patient movement. The Xsight is currently being updated to include the Monte Carlo Dose Calculation methodology, for which Accuray received FDA approval earlier this year.

The Xsight Lung Tracking System uses advanced detection algorithms combined with built-in imaging and detection intelligence to determine the location of the lung tumor. Data available from Accuracy on the system indicates that the system can track most tumors which are located peripherally and at least 15 mm in diameter.

The Xsight is also integrated with the CyberKnife’s Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System. This targets the site of malignancies which move during normal breathing, as well as coughing or other movements, to ensure delivery of radiation to the tumor site. This minimizes the amount of irradiation to surrounding healthy tissues and critical structures. An additional benefit is improved patient comfort, it allows patients to continue normal breathing patterns during treatment.

The combination of these features is a reduction in the time required to deliver radiation secondary to fewer pretreatment procedures, a shorter time period to commence treatment delivery, and decreased costs. Additional benefits noted include elimination of pneumothoraces, improved comfort for patients during radiation treatment, and improved quality of life after treatment is completed.

December 13, 2007 Related topics: Radiation Oncology, Quality, Safety, Errors, Hematology & Oncology

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